Bible Reading Plan

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You can also send the link for the Bible Reading Plan page to anyone, via email; simply click the 'Email BRP Link' button below.

When you click on a specific day's reading, you will be taken to an 'intersection' page where you can select your favourite bible reading website.  Once you arrive at that site, the selected text will be ready and waiting to be read.

If you wish, you can then choose to select your favourite translation - and even compare one version with another, for a given text.

Enjoy the journey of hiding God's Word in your heart; the investment will pay great dividends for the rest of your life!
Each day, after you have finished your reading or even during - if you have a question or you have read something that really speaks to you - feel free to make a post on the FaithRipple Facebook blog @   As you check in & post each day, it will encourage others to stay with the plan.